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Let "Kohala Jim" help you find the right piece of paradise for you and your family.

Kohala Ranch consists of approximately 4,000 acres of
rolling hills that begin at the Makai entrance in the Heathers
(approximately 300 feet above sea level)
and continue uphill to the Mauka entrance in the Summit
(almost 3,000 feet above sea level).

Jim says "Choose your climate, and I'll find you the right property".

Maybe it's the beach-like, warm and dry weather that suits you best.
In which case, properties in the Heathers sections Virtual Tour are
probably going to be the most appealing to you.

Current market - Heathers Lots

Or, perhaps you prefer a cool, lush and green existence.
Your focus is likely to be in the Summit section Virtual Tour of the ranch,
especially above the Lot #139 - Lot #92 level.

Current market - Meadows II and Summit Lots

On the other hand, like many others, you may decide that the in-between elevations offer the best of both:
You hardly ever feel the need for either heat or air conditioning in the Meadows and lower Summit sections. Virtual Tour

Current market - Meadow Lots

To schedule a tour of Kohala Ranch,
call Jim Donovan at 808-883-3338 or 808-880-9000.

Current market - Homes

This may be the handiest way look at the Kohlala Ranch market, especially if you want a printout:

These lots and houses are presently on the market in Kohala Ranch as of 01/01/19

In addition, you can
get immediate access
to the Multiple Listing Service
in order to


The maps below are displayed so that "Mauka" (mountain)
is displayed on the top of the page and "Makai" at the bottom.
Generally speaking, this means that east (sunrise) is at the top of the map.

Although a bit unconventional, it quickly becomes natural to view maps of
Kohala Ranch with the higher elevation lots appearing at the top of the page
and the lower elevation lots appearing at the bottom of the page.

Click to enlarge the full ranch map (above), or you can
choose maps that display specific sections of the ranch:

Heathers ..... Virtual Tour
Meadows ... Virtual Tour
Summit ...... Virtual Tour

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